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Nearly all Story County communities published local history books or newspaper articles, often to celebrate the community, county or state centennial or sesquicentennial. Most of these histories contained a section on local family histories contributed by a family member. This is an index of those family surnames taken from some of the books. For some books the given names are included in the index and for others only the surname is indexed. Some entries also include the pages numbers. Names in parentheses are the married name of women.

Lookups are available for these books & articles. When requesting a lookup, please have some reason to think that the family has a connection to the community and give the lookup volunteer enough information to determine if the family might be a connection you are looking for. This is to make the volunteer's time as productive as possible.

Thanks go to Bob Allen for indexing the Maxwell book, and to Tamara Parrott for indexing the Nevada Evening Journal Centennial Edition, and to Loa Andersen for the comprehensive index of the History of Story County by Payne. The following books & articles have been indexed to date:

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